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Just played two games and I really like it.

It has this sort of zen quality where I was just playing (I didn\'t notice the tutorial at first) and I quickly understood what was happening even though I wasn\'t too sure about how the allies should be used. I placed a second token on top of a previously placed token of the same type and it became silver and adding another made a gold. Attacking an enemy bronze piece with my new gold piece left a bronze piece on my original starting point and attacked the enemy bronze piece with a silver. That killed the enemy bronze and it knocked a token off my attacking silver to leave my own bronze piece where the enemy was.

Once I understand the expansion mechanic and the use of gold token as walls the strategy becomes really complex as you try and outthink your opponent.

It really is just a great game where everything just kind of clicks but still leaves a layer of complexity/strategy that makes it really satisfying when you beat your opponent.

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Thanks VegenTNT,

Yes, the playing of the ally tokens is very interesting. You can use them as your minions to expand with, block with, or even attack with! Though it is also true that you cannot attack one of THEIR immediate allies — only another element that is at least one space away. But strangely, that makes for good blocking strategies, too!

When you have built up a stack of tokens (turning them from bronze > silver > gold) you protect yourself more and more, and also built up a source for an attack position for later in the game. Once someone attacks you they lose an equal number of tokens to the level you have built up to (and vice-versa).

I will answer more later, but that is an initial bit of feedback about your questions!

— Jeff