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Hi there,

I picked up the game last night and really liked what I saw so I wanted to give your guys some feed back.

First of Im playing on a iphone 3G.

Lets start with the awsome things.

The interface is great. I love how you select players and ai. I really like the book that lays next to the game. Im so glad you removed menues from the interface. This sets up the game very quickly and everything feels very tight and smooth.

Then there is gameplay. I really like the game mechanics. Not sure who invented them if its you guys or if its from some boardgame I am not aware of. Anways they are awsome. Lot of layers of tactic. Especially when you play with more players or offset the alignment of the players. Very nice!!

With such a solid gameplay and so tight interface you have a really strong product that is better then a lot of iOS games out there. In fact if the game mechanism it self is your creation I would urge you to get it published as a board game and I would buy it right away.

Now to the less god stuff.

One downside of the book is the navigation arrows they are hard to hit. Even the difficulty selction and start game button could be made bigger.

The elements are a bit hard to distinguish on the board. Its mostly the elements of wind and water that are easy to mix up. Their icons are similar and they dont distinguish them selfs in color. Fire, ice and earth are easy to spot due to clear icons and logical coloring. But the others (including lightning) are very similar in color. You could define them more in color. Lightning doesnt have a logical icon but its at least different from the others, still it does mix in color with water and wind.

To me this is really a big thing. When a game is very tactical and it really throws me off if I need to double check which is what. If you can just give the board a quick glance and you see right away what is what then your process of thought will be so much quicker.

Next thing is the AI.

Its decent but imho not good enough. I play on Master and when playing 2 player games I win at least 9 out of 10 games.

Basicly what I do here is that I cut of the left flank with one ally and the right flank with the other. Then I can just fill up my half with mains and I win. I win because the AI doesnt try hard enough to secure the center line. It fills up its back field with allies and while I put mine on the center line leaving me room to fill out the back field with mains. Still sometimes the AI pushes through and goes with allies into my back field and then it can become interesting.

The AI gets quite alot worse if you offset the setup and share an ally. Here Ive never ever lost and the AI hasnt even been close to challanging me. I dont think its ever even gotten a main element out on the board.

In 3+ player games I have a lower win rate. Im not sure if its due to the AI beeing better at playing with higher number of players or if its me thats worse. The more players you add the more layers the strategy has and hence the more my mediocer brain suffers. πŸ™‚

Now to the bad stuff.

I really do find the game quite stable. Alot more stable then other games of early versions that I have tried out.

But I ran into one crash which potentially could have forced me into having to reinstall the game.

The game crashed on the AIΒ΄s turn. It crashed right after it had placed its element. Im sorry but since it was a quite early game and I was still learning I cant remember exact board layout so I have no hints to what caused the exception to occure.

When I loaded the game again I was glad to see that the game auto saves after each move. So as the game loaded the game started where it left of. The AI made the same move and the game crashed again. I loaded it up again and once again the AI made the same move. Luckily for me the AI made another move on my third attempt to reload the game.

I guess there is a random chance to which of the relativly equal things available the AI will do.

But if there would have been just one move and that would have been the crash then I would have not been able to get out of it. There just wasnt time enough to hit the restart game button.

First of all I hope you can find the bug that caused the crash in the first place but in the mean time do you think you can add a \"continue or restart game\" button? That way one can get out of the scenario in a simple and controled way.

Other then that thanks for an awsome game.