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Wizard Hex Review: Under Its Spell

Dec 31, 2010   //   by The Jester   //   reviews  //  Comments Off on Wizard Hex Review: Under Its Spell

We are honored to get initial great feedback from some reviewers, including Hope at, who loved the game right from the start. Here’s a part of what she had to say!

I loaded up the game, started to play, and I am embarrassed to say how much time went by before I took a breath! And this was with an iPod Touch, and me against the AI! I can only imagine what a breath taking experience this is on the iPad. Not only that, with so many options to play even as a single player vs the AI, the possibilities are endless. Play with your allies at your side, play asymmetrically; truly you can set the game up any way you want, and because of this the strategy will be limitless.

At the risk of sounding cliche, Wizard Hex takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. The endless strategy and game play abounds and literally no two games will ever be alike. You think you have mastered a strategy when suddenly it fails and you must think quickly and move forward in that game another way.

If you are interested in reading the full review check it out here!

Welcome to Trouble Brothers

Jun 18, 2010   //   by The Jester   //   welcome  //  Comments Off on Welcome to Trouble Brothers

Trouble Brothers is a Seattle-based game company, started in 2010, with the goal of creating unique, clever and exciting game applications. Our mission is to bring the classic feel and enjoyment of playing games with friends and family to the interactive and fast paced graphic world of mobile computing. We are pleased to offer our three inaugural titles: Cargo Runners, Wizard Hex, and our upcoming Match-O-Matic. We welcome you to our site and look forward to entertaining you for years to come!