Coming soon for iPad

Slide on into that rich red patent leather booth with your best friend for a malt and cheeseburger. Let’s listen to our favorite hits on the little diner jukebox. Remember when? Who is that man? What’s that animal called? That’s not a rutabaga!?

Trivia. It’s just a conversation you have with a good friend – well maybe sometimes with your own memory. But that’s all it is, two people talking, sharing what they know or think they know. Having a laugh, maybe learning something new.

Match-O-Matic! Your own trivia jukebox. Play with a friend or test yourself. Played on a whirring, clicking amazingly rendered metallic console reminiscent of those classic machines of old – only now it plays a brand new bag – visual trivia! This is THE trivia game of the 21st century. Forget silly words and questions, you see the thing your after, but do you really know what it is?

Up comes a category – Man’s Best Friend – A Bridge Too Far – Can You Play That Thing – cute titles for a quick & clever test. Twenty images reveal themselves – some you know, some you think you know, and some you have no idea. Go ahead, make a wager. The bigger the bet, the better the payoff if you do know or the greater the loss if you don’t. Song titles below will tell you how you’re doing and there’s always a chance to come back. Play safe or reckless, it’s a hoot either way!