Wizard Hex

Wizard Hex for iPad/iPhone (Universal)
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New version 1.3.1 with Online Multiplayer and optional Voice Chat is now available for download! If you have versions 1.2 or 1.3 please update to 1.3.1 now. And don’t forget to update your review on the iTunes App Store…

Imagine a dark tower — where the forces of the world are harnessed by those brave enough and smart enough to control them. A wizard’s power brings these elements together: the wicked wind, rolling water, contracting ice, tumbling earth, lapping fire and sudden lightning. They will compete to establish control for once and for all.

Wizard Hex — a seemingly simple game. Played on a elegantly designed hexagonal board, you choose your element and then challenge yourself against as many as five other players or as few as one smart computer to attempt to be the strongest and to take forever control.

You begin as an Apprentice, learn to be a Journeyman and eventually challenge yourself and others at the Wizard Level. You play not only your own element but the friendly elements found on either side. Together you struggle to Expand to new regions, Transmute from Bronze to Silver to indestructible Gold, and Attack when the opportunity arises. All the time defending and consolidating a winning position. A new strategy game of resource management and area control – Chess or Go for the modern age.

Wizard Hex is such a great strategy game that we are releasing it first as a traditional abstract piece moving game. Wizard Hex provides both local and online play with Voice Chat. The portal to this clever creation is just now opening … are you ready?