Cargo Runners

Cargo Runners for iPad

GAMEZEBO.COM SAYS: “Cargo Runners is a brilliantly fun and original board game for the iPad” — 4/5 stars

WIRED! (GEEKDAD) SAYS: “I’d recommend Cargo Runners to anyone who is a fan of lighter Euro-games … Excellent board game feel for a digital-only game, online multiplayer, good use of digital tech without overdoing it.”


The open seas are a treacherous place of commerce. No more so than today when large Containerized Cargo ships travel across the world bringing thousands of tons of modern goods to market day after day.

Being a captain is a challenge! You have to navigate the weather, go after the best contract, and work with the various local governments to successfully become the richest fleet on the seas.

Welcome to Cargo Runners, a fast-paced economic game played on a beautifully rendered world map. Begin on any continent, but plan to travel everywhere to win the day. Fruit, Aerospace, Lumber, Apparel -you’ll haul anything if it brings you the best pay. But you have to manage your movement well, be prepared to take advantage of Communiques that come your way and look out for opportunities to steal from other players or beware of them stealing from you.

Cargo Runners is a traditional board game with a light German feel that has been originally designed and created for tablet play. We have a gorgeous board that harkens back to the great games of the 1950s and 60s but the play is loose, fast and fun. Dice roll and you throttle up as your ship sets course — it’s Monopoly® meets Risk® and you’ll never think the same way about board games again.

Cargo Runners Trailer! [Length: 1:01]

Official Gameplay Video [Length: 35:13]